We’re super psyched to announce our Creative Process Master Class with Hazem Beltagui; internationally acclaimed Music Producer/DJ/A&R/Label founder of Crossings & Red Soho.


This is an opportunity for all aspiring music producers to get a first hand experience in the creative work flow and production routine of an established music producer. You will learn how to develop your musical ideas to be chart toppers that take your career to the next level. In these sessions, Hazem will be discussing and demonstrating the knowledge that he has acquired over the past years and that has led him to where he is today as an established/touring music producer.



Subjects of discussion:


- Creative writing process


- Battling Writers block


- Sketching and developing melodic ideas


- Groove creation essentials


- Picking your sounds


- Adding Harmony


- Vocal methods


- Sampling methods


- Structure formulas


- Developing structure skills


- Managing your career


Attendants will experience the modern day music industry conditions and pressures. At the end of these sessions, each attendant will be submitting a finished track of their own the same way you would submit a demo to a potential record label.



About Hazem Beltagui:


Hazem is one artist who has proven that it's not about fitting a mold and a style; it's about creating one. Having consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music with his musical originality and fresh outlook, his unique signature sound of Melotrance has catapulted him onto the electronic music scene and set him apart from his peers. An indicator of how much of an impact Hazem Beltagui made on the electronic music industry is the fact that he was voted #121 on the annual DJ Mag poll in 2014, only one year after he started his professional DJ career.


His outstanding musical creativity and unique melody-driven DJ sets led him to headline venues such as Mandarine Tent in Buenos Aires (Argentina Debut), Ushuaia Ibiza (Spain Debut), Ministry of Sound London (UK Debut) and Colosseum Jakarta (Indonesia Debut). He also had the opportunity to showcase his versatile sound to thousands of fans at the hugely successful A State of Trance (ASOT) Festival 650 as well as ASOT 700 and for the Future Sound of Egypt world tour.





Attendants must have the following requirements to be eligible to join these sessions:


- Intermediate knowledge and application in any Music Production DAW of your choice

- At least one finished track to be submitted via stream link ( soundcloud etc. ) in the registration form

- Laptop with installed DAW

- Headphones



Capacity: 5 attendants per class


Cost: 2500 EGP